What is a World Heritage site?

Outside Naturum

The High Coast Trail

The High Coast Trail is a 130-kilometre-long hiking trail that winds through the entire World Heritage site from Hornöberget by the High Coast Bridge in the south to Örnsköldsvik in the north. It is divided into 13 stages and passes by Naturum and Skuleskogen National Park.

Rest area

We provide a rest area with 24-hour toilets, picnic tables and parking facilities.

Discovery Park

The trail also features a Discovery Park, where children can experience traces in the landscape caused by the inland ice. The Discovery Park was a gift from HRH Prince Nicolas, Duke of Ångermanland. There are trails leading from the park, including a green loop that’s accessible and about 800 metres long. It leads past the stream, where there’s a barbecue area and a wind shelter.

How to get here

Car: We’re easy to find on the E4 highway between Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik, just north of Docksta at the foot of Skuleberget. Just follow the signs to naturum.

Bus: Bus 50 stops on the E4 highway very close to naturum. The stop is about 3 km north of Docksta and called Skule naturum E4. If you take the Y-bus/Bus 100, you’ll need to get off at Docksta and walk about 3 km. Go northwards and follow the High Coast Trail. Skuleskogen National Park is located 10 km away from naturum.


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Skuleberget Gastrocafé and Restaurant


The High Coast Trail

Skuleskogen National Park

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