What is a World Heritage site?


Wild and monumental

With its dramatic terrain, Skuleskogen is one of the pearls of the High Coast World Heritage Site. Here you can see clear evidence of the land uplift. Skuleskogen is one of the coastal area’s few remaining large forests and has an old-growth atmosphere. You can walk for days, enjoy lush vegetation or be enchanted by the views from the barren rocks.

Beautiful red rapakivi granite and bare rocky outcrops characterise the heights, shingle fields and herb-rich spruce forests the lower areas.

Please feel free to access our advice about outings and longer hikes, where you’ll be able to enjoy all of Skuleskogen’s values.

The National Park’s largest shingle field is located east of Slåttdalsberget. Clear beach ridges are visible in the shingle field west of the mountain.

The oldest shoreline is known as the “Highest Coastline”. In Skuleskogen, the Highest Coastline is about 282 meters above the current sea level.

The Slåttdalsskrevan crevice, along with Skuleberget and Höga Kustenbron bridge, are some of the High Coast’s main landmarks. Slåttdalsskrevan is located in the heart of Skuleskogen National Park, 3.5 kilometres from the South Entrance.

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